Service Now Customer Support Platform

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The Brief

Deliver a comprehensive digital transformation initiative to improve efficiencies across Diversey’s customer support operation.

Optimising Global Customer Support

As a global brand, Diversey has to manage a vast portfolio of products and services and provide ongoing customer support across 89 countries with multiple languages.

From a strategic business perspective, automating as much of the customer support process as possible is key to reducing costs on unnecessary service calls for equipment maintenance.

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Seamless Digital Integration

While the chosen solution leveraged a SaaS platform already in use across Diversey, the primary technical challenge was consolidating complex legacy data. The goal was to seamlessly link customers to the accurate product, version, region, and language to deliver precise support information.

A bespoke script simplifies multiple data spreadsheets from static data into dynamically generated QR codes. The unique QR codes are then added to the CMS, integrating the two systems which then directs users to the appropriate language version and product based on their location and language preferences.

To help Diversey understand customer support and product-specific needs, analytics dashboards were implemented as part of our ongoing Optimise service.

As with all of the best digital experiences, the innovative technology behind Diversey’s ServiceNow customer support platform is invisible to the end user, and the unique insights from the analytics dashboards contribute to continuous enhancements in the customer experience.

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Exceeding Targets

  • Complete digital transformation of customer support operations
  • Significant reduction in costs related to unnecessary service call-outs
  • Deployed across 89 countries and in 25 languages

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