Diversey SDS

Custom Digital Asset Management Platform

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The Brief

Transform business operations by creating a centralised system to store, organise, manage, distribute, and track product and sales data.

An Industry-Leading Brand

With a global presence, Diversey is a market-leading brand known for its extensive range of sustainable cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene solutions.

In order to maintain the wide range of products, Diversey’s staff and contractors working across the world need quick and easy access to the most up to date technical product information.

Providing the correct details is also an imperative in maintaining and improving health and safety standards across the business, and so accuracy of information is vital.

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Diagram of Custom AWS Infrastructure and Front End Infrastructure

Digital Asset Optimisation

By building a custom digital asset management (DAM) solution from the ground up, we were able to create a platform that addresses core business needs, whilst also integrating with Diversey’s existing SAP set-up to provide value-added sales and stock data tracking insights.

The SDS (Solutions Delivery Systems) platform provides a single reference point for all of Diversey’s staff and engineering contractors to access technical documentation. As well as a powerful search function, the SDS platform provides users and easy way to generate bespoke PDF catalogues from individual products.

To support the health and safety compliance objectives, a Regulatory Zone is also included, providing documentation, data sheets, and supporting product information.

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Built in REACT and ChartJS with our custom CMS, the platform is integrated with Diversey’s Active Directory set-up to manage and track user access.

Data automatically imported into the platform from SAP provides sales data on individual products and regions and a customisable dashboard allows Diversey executives to track and manage their own specific KPIs.

The design focus throughout the project has been on creating the best possible user experience. This user centric approach makes it a much more accessible and customisable solution than SAP which has led to it being the preferred choice for data tracking and analysis amongst the senior leadership teams.

Exceeding Targets

  • Successful implementation of a custom DAM solution closely integrated with Diversey’s IT infrastructure
  • Over 35,000 products and 3,500 active users spanning 89 countries
  • Platform of choice for business critical insights amongst senior leadership teams