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The Brief

Create a training and asset management platform that facilitates the transition from legacy paper and print assets to a bespoke, accessible, global digital platform.

A Leading Brand

Diversey is a leading global brand of sustainable cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene solutions with a varied and complex product and service offering.

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A Digital First Solution

Having built up a range of print assets and training materials over time, the Diversey communications team recognised the urgent need to consolidate their asset management into a digital first solution that would enhance accessibility and streamline training globally.

Following a number of Discovery sessions we designed and developed a bespoke Asset Management Platform that provided Diversey with the tools needed to efficiently manage varied training programmes and comms assets on a global scale.

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A powerful back end system built in AWS to serve a global audience

The cloud based web platform allows Diversey to design and deliver interactive training material to its employees and partners worldwide as well as providing a single access point to create, update, and store  assets, reducing time and effort previously involved in searching for and managing resources.

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Our solution also includes analytics capabilities, allowing Diversey to assess training effectiveness and track learner progress. The analytics module provides actionable insights that empower decision-making, while also automating the process of delivering training certificates upon completion.

Global Scale

As Diversey is a global brand, language support was also key. The Asset Management Platform is multilingual, enabling seamless adoption regardless of the user's preferred language.

To ensure ongoing the success of the platform, Diversey have a longstanding Optimise product support package in place where we provide maintenance and support for the platform, regularly adding new features and improving scalability as needed.

Since the initial implementation, the Asset Management Platform has expanded considerably, with versions tailored to the specific requirements of key corporate partners including Amazon, Kohls, Target, Wholefoods Market, and Compass.

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The Toru team brought experience and professionalism to this project. I was impressed with their innovation, focus and team work. The end result was excellent!

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Matina Morfi

Diversey Global Portfolio Manager