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The Brief

Create a bespoke digital asset and customer management platform for SEKO to transform their customer support and marketing activity.

Global Industry Leaders

SEKO is a global market leader and innovator in chemical dosing solutions for multiple applications and across diverse industries.

A significant challenge for the business is managing a growing global customer base and a complex and wide ranging product offering, whilst keeping customers up to date with new product developments and providing the right level of customer support.

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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

During collaborative Discovery sessions with the client, it became apparent that the primary project challenge (data management) also presented a substantial business opportunity. By bringing together customer and product data and allowing the SEKO team to easily access insights from the data, we have built a platform that has been truly transformational for the business.

The creation of a bespoke Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform (the SEKO Hub) that holds thousands of product assets, started with a meticulous database design process.

Utilising an SQL database managing millions of data records, a MapReduce process is used to streamline, summarise, and efficiently serve up big data. This set-up allows the platform to capture data on every customer interaction with SEKO products, establishing an extensive knowledge base that, in turn, delivers a more efficient and personalised service to the customers.

Whilst the heavy lifting is going on in the background, the front-end of the SEKO Hub platform delivers a seamless user experience (UX) for customers. 

Users can explore SEKO’s complete product portfolio, instantly finding what they need through a comprehensive library of technical data sheets, brochures, manuals, and case studies. Instant notifications grant access to new product launches, users can save favourite products for later reference, and even arrange sales calls directly through the platform.

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Diagram of SEKO's Analytics and Reporting

A sales enquiry management system empowers sales teams to monitor performance and enhance efficiency with granular-level data presented as customisable dashboards.

SEKO’s digital asset and customer management platform is now the central communications focus for the business, with all customers automatically onboarded with a SEKO Hub account.

And the results have been nothing short of transformational. Increased customer engagement, increased conversions, and improved efficiencies can all be directly attributed to the launch of SEKO Hub.

Additional features such as the integration of AI modelling to provide more personalised customer recommendations and predictive sales forecasts are currently in development. The SEKO Hub is a truly innovative example of digital transformation that has changed the way SEKO works, forever.

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Exceeding Targets

  • A transformative digital platform that has completely changed the way SEKO operates as a business
  • Big data management and data capture provide powerful and valuable customer insights
  • Future functionality to include innovative AI integration for a smarter, more personalised experience
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Giving SEKO hub to our sales team is like giving people who fight with swords a machine gun!

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James Northgate

SEKO Global Marketing Manager