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The Brief

Transform an innovative business idea into a market leading software solution for the legal industry.

A Global Vision

Wiggin are a law firm specialising in media, technology, and IP, with a team of experts that address the legal challenges arising from the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Recognising the complexity and dynamic nature of businesses that work across the globe within different legal jurisdictions, Wiggin developed a concept that would help global businesses streamline their compliance processes.

Part of the Riagla App showing the world map and notification from each country

Vision To Implementation

Working from a business concept, our team of innovation engineers scoped out, designed, developed, and deployed the software that brings Wiggin’s ‘Riagla’ concept to life.

For this type of start up venture an extensive Discovery process to build the entire business ecosystem from the ground up was required.

To efficiently build the solution, we deconstructed the software into three core components: the data source, the hub, and the end user.

Four iPad screens showing different pages of the Riagla App

The Riagla regulatory and compliance platform aggregates data from leading law firms worldwide, capturing information on new and emerging regulations. This data undergoes curation, risk assessment, and analysis for critical insights before being presented within the hub.

The end user then has access to the hub data via personalised dashboards where they can access a whole host of features including data cards assigned to specific team members, easy document retrieval, share info via email, a meeting scheduler, and a Horizon view to monitor critical dates.

The cloud-based software solution is wrapped up in a robust security layer and undergoes regular PEN testing to safeguard data and intellectual property.

Management Dashboard page of the Riagla app

By building Riagla as a SaaS solution, we have enabled Wiggin to market the platform to various regions and sectors, ensuring an ongoing and scalable revenue stream.

In today's global landscape of ever-changing regulations, Riagla leverages the expertise of a network of lawyers worldwide to provide an innovative compliance platform tailored to help businesses effectively manage and mitigate risks.

Map of countries which are labeled with the relevant tags