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The Brief

Transform the brand perception of WSM Industries from regional business into global company.

Innovative Outsets

WSM Industries is a market innovator in tool making and injection moulding and combines cutting-edge technology with the expertise of industry-leading technical professionals.

Following acquisition by SEKO, WSM underwent a strategy review and identified the need to elevate the perception of the brand to achieve ambitious growth by moving into new territories.

2 phones showing pages on WSMs' website.
Back of F1 car on track.

A Transformational Journey

Collaborating with SEKO's internal marketing team, we played a pivotal role in crafting a new brand for WSM, enabling them to enter global markets and diversify into new industries.

Alongside the brand development work, we designed and built a new WordPress website to reflect the new brand identity and WSM’s brand promise of ‘Breaking the mould’.

On the front-end of the website we used subtle animations throughout to bring the messaging to life, combined with short-form video stings to help convey the bespoke and technical nature of WSM’s proposition.

As an innovative company, WSM were keen to use the latest technology on their company website, and our work on the brand and website development includes early examples of using AI to support the design process in generating and enhancing content.

Two screens from WSM website.

On the back-end, WSM are able to have complete control and flexibility on content and design updates through customisable components and a highly configurable page editor.

The resulting brand and website have helped propel WSM Industries into new markets, confident that their innovative proposition is perfectly communicated at every brand touchpoint.

A grid of 6 different sectors; transport, aerospace, lighting, medical, marine and furniture.

Exceeding Targets

  • Complete brand and website design, development, and deployment
  • AI enhanced brand content creation
  • Increase in site traffic and increase in leads since launch