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The Brief

Develop a versatile and scalable sales tool that showcases Diversey products in an engaging, online virtual environment.

A Global Digital Experience

Diversey, a global leader in sustainable cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene solutions, has a diverse and complex product portfolio across various sectors.

With such an extensive range of products available for multiple sectors, functions, and use cases, finding the right product for the specific requirement can be a complex challenge for sales teams.

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Solving Digital Complexity

Leveraging our experience in deploying similar tools for other areas of the Diversey business, we quickly identified the core challenges involved in the project in terms of key business objectives and the technical ecosystem.

On the business front, the goal was straightforward - empower sales teams to quickly locate the right product by filtering through sectors, functions, and categories, and make the search experience highly visual and engaging.

The technical challenges were more complex - develop a solution that can work as a stand alone widget as well as be easily embedded into Diversey web assets. The sales tool also had to work across multiple languages and be integrated into Diversey’s legacy tech infrastructure.

Process and relation between different categories within Diversey

Diversey GPS User Flow

Our solution was to take inspiration from Google Maps and create a widget that combines simple search filtering options with a 3D environment, placing products in different contexts based on their sector and function. Interactive product hotspots provide easy access to product specifications and supporting media.

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The resulting 'Diversey GPS' sales tool is fully responsive on mobile devices and can be easily integrated into any Diversey website using a simple embed code.

With a VueJS front-end and our bespoke CMS, the tool allows admin users to create new products, product environments, and supporting product media. The sales widget is hosted in a scalable AWS environment and seamlessly integrated into Diversey’s corporate CMS solution, Drupal.

Successfully launched for F&B (Food & Beverage) products and services, the Diversey GPS sales tool is now being embraced by the broader Solenis group, providing a valuable and immersive sales explorer tool for thousands of products.

Exceeding Targets

  • Versatile sales tool widget that can be quickly and easily integrated into any website
  • Large-scale, cross-sector rollout of thousands of products following a single-sector launch
  • Future functionality to include innovative AI integration for a smarter, more personalised experience