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Moving beyond traditional sales presentations and CRMs, businesses are turning towards interactive sales tools to enhance their sales processes and drive results.

Driving Sales with an Interactive Sales Tools

An interactive sales tool is a digital solution that allows businesses to showcase their products or services in an engaging and interactive way. It goes beyond traditional sales materials by incorporating features like 3D interactive product showcases, dynamic content, and personalised experiences.

These tools assist businesses in effectively communicating their value proposition, capturing the attention of potential customers, and ultimately driving sales.

3D sales tool showing off designs of a chair

Examples of Custom Built Interactive Sales Tools

Custom-built interactive sales tools offer a range of features that differentiate them from standard sales materials.

As experts in bespoke software development, we have developed a number of custom-made interactive sales tools across different industries, and both the Reza Hygiene Interactive Sales Tool and the Diversey Sales Explorer Tool demonstrate different features that have elevated the sales process.

In the Reza Hygiene example, the interactive sales tool allows customers to virtually explore the company's product offerings. Users can interact with 3D models, view product details, and even visualise how the products would fit into their own environments.

Key to the success of the Reza Hygiene Interactive Sales Tool is the 3D environment that acts as the navigational structure of the sales platform. It's instantly more immersive and engaging for customers and, by adopting VueJS technology, is compatible across browsers and integrates into Reza Hygiene's quote builder software, also developed by Toru Digital.

Reza Hygiene's bespoke CMS enables them to update products, specifications and create new 3D environments for showcasing their products. This gives Reza full control over the content, enabling them to create customised ‘cities’ for corporate clients including McDonald's and Rochester Midland.

several horizontal iPads displaying a variety of screens from Reza hygienes 3D interactive sales tool
Reza Hygienes' 3D sales tool with hotspots

For the Diversey (part of the Solenis group) Sales Explorer Tool, we developed a comprehensive platform for sales representatives to access product information, presentations, and other resources in real-time, enhancing their ability to engage with customers during the sales process.

With a complex product offering, one of the key objectives was to make the search experience highly visual and engaging. Our solution was to take inspiration from Google Maps and develop a widget that combines simple search filtering options within a 3D environment.

The bespoke sales tool also had to work across multiple languages and integrate with Diversey’s legacy tech infrastructure.

Following an initial roll-out for F&B (Food & Beverage) products and services, the Diversey GPS sales tool is now being deployed across the wider Solenis group, providing an immersive sales explorer tool for thousands of products.

The next update will also include AI integration for a smarter, more personalised experience.

phones displaying Diverseys 3D sales tool app
Diversey's 3D sales tool with hotspots

Benefits of Using an Interactive Sales Tools

As outlined above, the benefits of using a custom interactive sales tools are numerous.

As well as providing an immersive and memorable experience for potential customers, increasing their engagement and retention of key information, interactive sales tools enable businesses to tailor their presentations based on customer preferences, allowing for more personalised and persuasive sales conversations.

This can significantly shorten the sales cycle by providing easy access to relevant information and facilitating a smoother buying process.

Various industries can benefit from implementing interactive sales tools, particularly those that heavily rely on product demonstrations, such as manufacturing, automotive, and technology.

Service-based industries can also benefit from using these tools to create immersive experiences for their customers and showcase their products and services in a more engaging and immersive way.

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Interactive Sales Tool

1. Define Objectives: Begin by defining your goals and objectives for the tool. What do you aim to achieve? Identify the specific features and content needed to fulfill these objectives.

2. Resource Allocation: Plan and allocate resources wisely. Determine the necessary content creation, design, and development needs. Establish a realistic timeline and budget to ensure smooth progress.

3. Expert Developer: Choose a developer or agency with expertise in building interactive sales tools. Look for experience and innovative solutions tailored to your business goals. Effective communication and collaboration are key for a successful partnership.

4. Cost Factors: Understand the various factors influencing the cost of your tool. Consider the complexity, desired features, and level of customisation. Additionally, factor in content creation requirements such as 3D models or interactive elements when budgeting.

5. Scalability and Future-Proofing: Ensure your tool is scalable and adaptable for future needs. Anticipate changes in your business environment and technology landscape. Build flexibility into your tool to accommodate growth and evolution over time.

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Choosing the Right Interactive Sales Tool For Your Business

An interactive sales tools offers a unique and effective solution for businesses to enhance their sales processes and drive results. By leveraging features like 3D interactive product showcases and personalised experiences, businesses can enhance their ability to engage with customers during the sales process.

Technological advancements and market demands are shaping what is possible in sales presentation, with the integration of virtual and augmented reality, AI-powered personalisation, and data-driven analytics all now part of sales toolkits that are giving businesses a competitive edge in their sales efforts.

If you're interested in finding out more about a custom interactive sales tool, or if you need support developing an existing idea you have for your business then get in touch with one of our team today.