Interactive Diamond Sales App

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The Brief

Create a sales tool for jeweller’s that simplifies the decision-making process for customers purchasing diamond or gemstone rings online.

Digital Immersion

Lionsorbet specialises in building effective retail websites for the jewellery industry. Working with many of the UK’s leading jewellery retailers, they identified a common challenge that customers are faced with when buying diamond rings online; how do you compare the size or shape of different diamonds against each other?

For such a big online purchase, customers need to understand the nuances around different diamond types (e.g. between a 1ct princess cut compared to a 1ct round) and they also need to be able to see what the size of stone looks like on their own hand.

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Phone screen showing interactive sales app, with diagram on the right of the diamond choices

User-Centric Enhancements

Working with high definition 3D renders, we developed a web-based app solution that enables customers to simply navigate through the diamond types and sizes to visualise exactly how the diamond or gemstone ring will look on their hand.

Built using AngularJS and seamlessly integrated with our custom CMS, the app features an access control mechanism, allowing Lionsorbet to offer the 'Interactive Diamond Size App' as a subscription service.

Jewellers can easily embed the fully mobile responsive app into their website with a single line of code and are able to customise the front-end with their own branding.

Digram of Sales App system/relations

Lionsorbet Widget infrastructure

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The inclusion of bespoke analytics reports delivers valuable insights into customer behaviour. These insights, in turn, inform product and marketing decisions, enabling retailers to optimise the performance of their websites.

The app is currently used by the UK’s leading jewellers and generates ongoing revenue for Lionsorbet as part of their wider offering to the jewellery industry.


  • Bespoke app enhances the online shopping experience
  • Seamless integration for online retailers with customisation options
  • Ongoing revenue generation for the client
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A great company to deal with. We will use them for many years to come.

Steve Irvine

Lionsorbet Managing Director