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The Brief

Create an interactive product showcase to enable Reza Hygiene’s sales team to generate more enquiries.

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Leading With Ambition

With a mission to ‘lead through innovation’, Reza Hygiene has established itself as the leading provider of critical environment sanitation products in Saudi Arabia.

In a highly competitive market, the sales activity needed to reflect the innovative approach across the rest of the business and showcase Reza’s extensive range of products in a more interactive and engaging way.

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Journey of Transformation

Our solution was to develop an innovative interactive 3D product explorer. The 3D environments allow Reza customers to explore products based on specific environments, providing a more useful and tailored sales experience. The interactive 3D product explorer seamlessly integrates with Reza Hygiene's quote builder software, also developed by Toru Digital. This integration ensures a streamlined workflow, enabling customers to easily generate enquiries directly through the sales tool.

To deliver high-performance and compatibility across browsers, we utilised VueJS technology. This approach eliminated the need for complex 3D rendering and provided smooth and responsive interactions for users. A comprehensive bespoke CMS was developed to empower Reza Hygiene to update products, specifications, and create new 3D environments for showcasing products. This gives Reza full control over the content and has allowed them to create customised ‘cities’ for their corporate clients such as McDonald's, Panda, Kitopi Hygiene, and Rochester Midland.

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Exceeding Targets